Monday, 23 March 2015

Children in crime

It's about 2 months ago when a student attacked his teacher with a chalk. It was a bit accident that made his friends shocked and run away.

"The school was great because of its very strong discipline, the proof of each child who break the rules are punished with severe penalties." Comments of the parents at that time. Thus it was in the days of school are good at punishing his students with severe penalties hunted instead of the prospective parents.

Many people who are still in school disciplinary connect with punishing students. Though both of his unrelated. Because proven discipline with punishment will only produce a false discipline born of fear not because of the birth of late kesadar be improved behavior.

Actually there is a middle ground between discipline and punish. The middle road is called consequences. A significant consequence of placing students as subjects. A student who is the subject of meaningful given the responsibility of an area-wide as a consequence of her with restrictions.

Students late to school? solution he hit more home konsekensi late than others, or a break and play cut. Do not end there, discuss this with the parents, because the problem may arise not because the child but because of the parents.

In addressing the problem late to school I had an interesting example. Not far from where I live there is a high school that chose to lock the gate every hour 7 am right. You can imagine those who are late will be difficult to get in because the gate is locked. Every day there will be about 10 students were detained outside a spectacle of local people passing in front of the school. Though they are not necessarily lazy late, could have been due to bad weather or other things that could have been avoided tidk.

The reason the school might be acceptable, the actions taken on behalf of the lock gates enforcement of discipline and make the students aware of the importance of coming on time to school. But realize that the lock school students outside could embarrass sisw esteem? What if the neighbors or people who recognize them through when they are locked out.

Yet when the school wants to apply consequences for students who are late, a lot of things to do, from cutting the recess to ask them to go to school on a Saturday or Sunday when friends -temannya off. Thus the self-esteem of students awake and students become more responsible for all actions. Students also become aware that the consequences of awareness with the aim to take away or reduce their privileges.

Let us recognize what the penalties and consequences


1. Making students as those who do not have the right to bargain and helpless. The teacher becomes a very powerful party. Remember the "Power tends to corrupt"
2. The type depends on the teacher, when hearts are happy, the student teacher too late will not be locked out.
3. Can be dropped many times in rank, especially for students who frequently violate the rules.
4. Teachers tend to label bad for children who are often violated.
5. Its always a threat
6. There should be no parties do not agree, all parties must agree. So coercive.


1. Dropped when there are acts that occurred and based on the agreed rules.
2. In accordance with the student conduct violations do.
3. Avoid labeling on children, by giving an ugly stamp will bear the stigma of the child that he is the one who behaved badly for ever.
4. Make the student is responsible for his choice. You can say "Kevin you choose to fuss when the teacher was explaining bu then please sit outside for 5 minutes". Thus you put the price of the child in the first rank.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

why this blog

I live with reason. All people do the same. What makes this blog published is based on author's experience in 12 years. It's not short time to decide. And, perhaps, people do not like this. However, the truth must be exposed.

Everything published in this blog is the real thing. That's I want you to know. I just want you to realize what has happened in our surroundings.
If you see in back of you, you will see so many people in poverty, disability, unpredictable attitude and sick in self-defend. As you know that people get educated, they also know everything; Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and know how to act as others.

Many program are carried out. Many activities have been held to teach professionally, to serve other people who need to be educated in order to know how to survive, but in fact, those are just labels. Those are what thieves say: "Nothing is yours, All is mine!".

Much money goes useless for the unpredictable, non programmable, disorientation even unbelievable program without filter, with no seriously controlling, deep monitoring and carefull evaluation. They just do what they can do to throw their responsibility. They are not teacher!

Teachers give useful things to their pupils, not garbage. What happen today is not to improve students' capability. Pupils are victim of the teacher. Teachers are victim of the worst regulation occurred and decided by decicion-maker.

For those, I feel that I would not be the one who I dream. I must share, even a line of words. I really hope people and decicion-makers read all these blog content and think again and again if they want to make a public decision for public needs.

Best Regards,
Jean G.
November 19th, 2014